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Read the x-, y-, and z-coordinates and store the raw values in dwXpos , dwYpos , and dwZpos. Glad its all working! The dwVpos member contains valid data for a sixth axis of the joystick, if such an axis is available, or returns zero otherwise. Is there any way I can make it faster? I am sorry I am not really comfortable with all of this. In each loop we get the state of all buttons, then do something based on their state before rerunning the loop and checking again. Wednesday, August 8,

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Also, please be warned that the extension does not set a Cooperative Level with other DirecX input devices, so keyboard and mouse input may be interrupted while information is being retrieved from the joystick this is because SetCooperativeLevel requires calling from a static method. If the extension commands fail to appear in Small Basic type LD and no options appear then you may need to unblock the downloaded dll.

Windows 8 Joystick Control for UWP Apps sample in C#, XAML for Visual Studio

Sunday, November 22, Here is the part of my code that uses this command, can you tell me what’s jogstick I also tried by re-downloading the files I uploaded so I think they are good. The following flags are defined: Pleasetest this code works when you press buttons.


I’ll keep trying though for educational purposes. The value of the dwSize member is also used to identify the version number mssdn the structure when it’s passed to the joyGetPosEx function.

I know how to do this, but I’d need mssdn source code for that. Saturday, November 21, 9: Wednesday, August 8, 8: It works very well.

joyGetPosEx function

Saturday, November 21, 3: The content you requested has been removed. I downloaded SlimDX, installed it. I have added XML documentation, so parameters, returns, etc. Saturday, November 21, 5: Point-of-view hat is being pressed to the left. Hum I detected the problem, I think my code doesn’t work because I have two loops, I have one loop to control the movements of the robot, and medn loop to use the buttons to do other actions.

Joystick Reference

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The dwUpos member contains valid data for a fifth axis of the joystick, if such an axis is available, or returns zero otherwise.

The value -1 means the point-of-view hat has no angle to report. If you could please answer my question fast it would be perfect. Edited by litdev Moderator Sunday, November 22, 3: Edited by tyrionas Monday, November 23, 6: I am sorry I am not really comfortable with all of this.


Gamepad Class () – UWP app developer | Microsoft Docs

Oh, one last thing – perhaps the downloaded dll needs to be josytick – sometimes Windows is rightly protective of downloaded dlls – see description of what to do extracted from herein your case it is the SB Joystick.

Edited by gungan37 Editor Wednesday, August 8, Saturday, November 21, 2: Don’t try to do it all in one go, forget about motors msdj now. The value 18, represents an orientation of Just don’t forget to call Acquire at the beginning of the program and Unacquire at the the end.

If it fails to unblock, then copy LitDev. The value 9, represents an orientation of Okay if someone better then jostick at this would help, it would be appreciated.