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Say “Thank you” Tried this on my dv and it worked! Hey very useful informaion. Kindly suggest what will be the reason of this fault. I just got done replacing the motherboard following your guide, when I hit start she came right up or at least I thought. I just needed to know if the problem could be something else or not.

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I tried the oven method. HP Pavilion dv has known issues with the graphics card failure. Now I have learned I can get Windows 10 free on it. Remove two screws securing the wireless card to the motherboard.

This is located next to the wireless card. The cooling method designed by HannStar is insufficient. I want to go grapuics an put in a new motherboard. Also, I may try to de-solder parts on the motherboard and just replace the graphics chip and other things, including adding more memory.

My power jack for my hp dv broke and im atempting to db6500 it. If the laptop still has no video even when only one either one memory module is installed, probably this is the video chip failure. Last week I had two laptops with very similar problem. My caps lock button does not display the blue led light anymore.


I have not had a chance to try booting from a cd yet but I will. It doesn’t re-ball them, it reworks them.

I recommend disconnesting dv650 power button board cover insteed other end. And even though there are similarly screen, my laptop is still functioning well so I still managed to surf the internet for solution and I found this site. I had a black screen, and all other things worked. First of all, take a look in the device manager.

I dont see anything in display. Sirs, Thank you for the information.

HP dv6500 Graphics Driver for Win7 32bit

When I apply artic silver 5 to cpu Do i have to spread it evenly with a card or just 1 drop then place fan and bolt it? If they have to be replaced, where can I buy the jacks and how much do they cost? Try reconnecting the keyboard cable.

I got my laptop taken apart no problem. But the temp of the laptop still varies from about Fahrenheit. Hello 1st sorry for my poor English and my spell mistake.


How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Yesterday I followed all the steps to clean the fan, but when I finish to ensamble everiting the laptop doesnt give any signal, just turns on and the fan runs, but not beep, not bios and not video. To add some thermal dough would it be necessary?

I messed one thig up: All screw locations are mentioned in there. I tried graphice several times, and it worked Ask a question Report. I think Chris did the trick in order to re-flow the video chip.

Solved: HP Pavilion dv Windows 10 Upgrade Graphics Issue – HP Support Community –

Maybe one of the modules popped up from the slot. Therefore, please suggest a solution. Kegtapper – Dec 10, at So, I reformatted the hard drive and reinstall with factory install dvd.