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Sign up using Email and Password. The Free Edition is free of charge and offers a basic functionality for cloning and creating respectively restoring images. HDClone includes a command line interface. Fix Samsung Data Migration cloning failed issue with free …. Use your images to the fullest: To clone RAID to another disk safely, reliable software is a good choice. After five years, with version 3.

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The Free Edition has been praised by German computer magazines for its clear and simple user interface [39] [36] [37] [47] and recommended for copying small hard disk drives.

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Clone RAID disk is a good way, by which small RAID disk can be upgraded or migrated data to a larger one and all operating system and applications are fully functional. Retrieved from ” https: Safe Data Recovery Read defective media in SafeRescue mode When copying from media with defective areas these areas will be skipped in the first run.

Defragmentation on the fly new: Already balancing the load excellently, the improvment for multi copies is slightly lower: That should have worked. Updated on Nov 26, by Jean to Backup Utility. An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace.

This also allows it to copy operating systems on which the HDClone executable file can’t be started.


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Allows to select one or more partitions of a disk to be transferred without having to copy all the partitions. Supported media and interfaces. The Professional Edition is the fast and universal all-round rzid with many special features for cloning, creating images, backups and migrating disks.

Jean – Possible solutions for Samsung Data Migration cloning failed. Thus a reverse migration from dynamic disks is possible with HDClone—a feature missing in Windows. The special thing about PartitionSelect is that it transfers the required data in one single step, no matter what size the partitions have or how they are arranged. Both versions use the same user interface, so switching between the two is no problem.

If the content of a mounted image is changed, then these changes are stored in an overlay which functions as differential image hcdlone may also be included for restoring the respective image. More than just disk cloning” [HDClone: The primary aim of HDClone is cloning storage devices and creating or restoring storage device images. File Images Optional compression and AES encryption Instead of a direct copy from medium to medium, you can also store an exact image of the medium in a file image.

So I wonder if it is even possible to clone the disk or if there is some data that has to be copied in another way? You can preview the disk map after cloning by click “Layout”.


It is easy to clone RAID drive by following steps. It uses either Miray Symobi or Linux as the host operating system. Any of those will do as long as the disk you are copying is not in use.

RAID, short for Redundant Array of Independent or Inexpensive Disks, a category of disk drives that employ two or more drives in combination for fault tolerance and performance improvement.

To clone RAID to another disk safely, reliable software is a good choice.

In a best case scenario our FastCopy algorithm doubles cloning speed—and using logical images with SmartCopy it gets even faster. Existing account, please login directly Customer Login Reseller Login. For over 30 years, Bytes have been the one-and-only standard sector size for any PC mass storage media.

faid Regardless if they are part of a RAID array or not. Windows server, exchange and SQL Server backup solution to ensure business continuity. They can be restored 1: For software RAID this need not be a problem.

For additional functionalities higher editions must be purchased.