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The more recently manufactured probes have less random error. As discussed above, an east-west tip a results in a phase shift in the coil signal. Table 14 shows no significant difference between the XTVP rms errors confuted for nearly simultaneous profiles as in 82 or using all the profiles in each Intercomparison set. North is computed both by 72 unoorreoted, light line and by 77 correctedy heavy line. This is because the electric currents lines are curved and must become vertical as they converge toward the source and sinlc. A velocity profiler based on the principles of geomagnetic induction, Deep-Sea Res.

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Induction by the relative motion of the probe itself and by the perturbation flow arovind the probe. Electronic Spares Repair 75 8 The fins of the afterbody make the probe ketboard at about rpm. Model of tilt effects. Measurements of vertical profiles of oceanic current and Richardson number near St.

The operator sets up the program in advance for many operations; the computer can then be left unattended. The computer can send control words to the receiver to initialize a transfer of data.

The HP A digitizer multiplexes the analog to digital converter between four input channels. Type of report s period covered Final Report s.


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Thus the early Sippican Ggpyp and estimates were low by 3. Several hundreds of Slpplcan-produced probes were deployed In experiments In the fall and winter of Switching to probe coordinates, this clearly must be true, since the signal induced by W is in phase with the coil, and cannot appear in the east signal.

The uncorrected XTVP north profile fits the acoustic profile much less accurately than the corrected profile.

Systematic differences may exist between the acoustic emd XTVP velocity profiles. C j ! Magnetic storms are more irregular than bay disturbances, often having rapid changes at the commencement over a few hours ekv by a gradual recovery over tens of hours.

Figure 26 compares the data obtained from nearly simultaneous drops of an XTVP and TOPS, a free-fall velocity profiler that measures Its own velocity, relative to the ocean, using a nose mounted acoustic current meter. NOV 19 80 ! The digital receiver response to Input Is described In terms of a timing dlagr 2 un Fig. Determine exact weather deck location where probes will be launched.

Evoluent Essentials Full Featured Compact Keyboard (wired)

On the other hand, p is reasonable In Its strength, and the results are comparable to our rule of thumb. Press CONT again when probe is launched.

The effect of the nonuniform gain appears in Fig. Data are recorded in 2K-byte-long records.


These magnetotelluric fields depend on the frequency and structure of the source magnetic field and on the depth and electrical conductivity of the ocean crust and mantle. It is recommended that a backup magnetic tape recording be made of the FM signals.

The procedure is identical to that described by Sanford et al. Loop two rubber bands together Fig. The tilt causes the probe to move horizontally relative to the water; the probe measures an induced potential resulting from this motion. In addition to the obvious problem of nanovolt measurement in the severe pressure and temperature environment of a profile, there are other special considerations.

XTVP data are not tilt oorreated. Both tilt-corrected by 77 and uncorrected 72 north XTVP profiles are shown. Typical signal spectra at probe, receiver input and after preamplifier at various times into a drop.

Notice that the uncorrected north velocity shows a much larger systematic error of 1. It plots a series of U, V profiles with various processing applied.