Properties can be inspected through: Originally Posted by justinschw. The result there should not be evdev configuration file. Configure your monitors as usual. Meaning no generic pointer, keyboard, or tablet. I see it is indeed still in the Debian 9 repositories , it just isn’t installed by default.

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Maybe I could have dbian installed it after my dist-upgrade from Debian 8 to Debian 9, rather than learn a new way to calibrate it.

The last step is configuring the login manager to start all the X servers. View LQ Wiki Contributions.

Index of /debian/pool/staging/x/xserver-xorg-input-evdev

Join evvdev community today! The file will have additional sections according to the number of terminals. I only used the extra command line simply to calibrate it. Need help running Linux on your netbook?

Linux Certif – Man evdev(4) – xfinput-evdev (debian – 07/07/09)

Need help configuring xorg for my touchscreen. X can now be run without xorg. To solve this problem, during system startup the XOrg server will be run with evdeev xorg. There was a long time, though, when Ubuntu was doing some weird stuff like Upstart and Mir.


Meaning no generic pointer, keyboard, or tablet. You will see that in the logs there were two event files created as seen above but XINPUT is apparently using event6 which isn’t doing anything. Originally Posted by justinschw Lubuntu I just did a calibration startup script command to calibrate it.

Package: xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dev (1:2.9.0-2)

Now when I run “evtest” I get the following output: For example, in a multiterminal with four terminals, the file will have four mouse sections, four keyboard sections, and so on. Configuration snippets X can now be run without xorg. However, without these calls the secondary boards are not initialized. The present document is meant to be an executive summary, and might miss some bits.

An example of a graphical user interface making it possible to set options in a clicky way: The reason for the additional device is that many USB keyboards include special keys such as multimedia control or Internet shortcut keyswhich are detected by the kernel as belonging to a secondary keyboard. To run the probe we provide the vedev script.


Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. To create your xorg. Which wvdev of Lubuntu? This configuration will be used when the multiterminal is running.

Ubuntu – Package Search Results — xserver-xorg-input-evdev-udeb

Or is there some configuration that needs to be done? Visit the following links: This sets the menu key as the Compose key. Each terminal’s X server will create its own log file.

Configure your monitors as usual. I have a touchscreen that I used evdev to calibrate in Debian 8, but I had to change how I did it in Debian 9 because evdev went away.

But generally, Ubuntu is pretty close to Debian.

Available options are documented in the evdev manpage.