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Tell someone you know about this product. This allows one operator to program multiple boards concurrently. Support for Multiple Cores and Debugging You can add programming support for additional cores by purchasing the appropriate licenses: This product was added to our catalog on Monday 16 July, This unit is no longer available as of July I can’t see any good reason to use parallel flash if you are just boot loading. You can also write supplemental information.

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Hello Al and all, Al, I wanted to ask about your flash programmer: You learn a lot about flash options when you create a programmer. If it does not, how does it handle the different possible connections that could exist on a custom board? You can save the configuration for later recall.

You can find details on our web site. Tell someone you know about this product. If you are spinning a new board, you might consider our 2mm connector option since we have adapters. List of all our Products. Since the data now resides in the dspFlash programmer, it doesn’t need to be downloaded lbackfin time when programming multiple devices. Wednesday, May 14, 8: You are now ready to start programming.


Serial numbers can be auto incremented. See below for expansion and upgrade options. If your configuration is not currently supported, drop us an email and we may be able to add it.

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Patience, persistence, truth, Dr. It is much smaller and you only have to route 8 lines. Danville Signal Processing, Inc. Yes, but it depends on how you have things hooked up.

Ronetix Blackfin In-Circuit Flash Programmer

Support for Multiple Cores and Debugging You can add programming support for additional cores by purchasing the appropriate licenses: All we require from the user is a little knowledge of the hardware, and to follow a dlash rules that aren’t usually too restraining if you are using the flash for booting purposes. The choice of flash devices would be a good topic for discussion in this group.

In a parallel interface the user has to specify the memory select and the base address will be calculated, or in the case of the ADSP and similar processors the user must specify the base address of the flash.

If we don’t currently support the configuration, we can develop a custom driver to support it. We are considering writing a simple white paper that discusses most of the issues.


Jaime Andres Aranguren Cardona wrote: You specify the blakfin DSP, flash device, chip select, file format and data files. It is also the only way that the programmer can tell if you have disconnected the cable.

dspFlash SHARC & Blackfin Programmer

We tend to use a universal footprint to keep options open. It doesn’t rely on bit-banging via boundary scan. This version supports ADI Blackfin cores only.

This would be possible prograkmer very slow. Do not connect boundary scan connections to these pins.

Flash programming using VisualDSP++ – Q&A – Blackfin Processors – EngineerZone

To purchase more than one year, you will be able to change the quantity of the Firmware Maintenance at the Shopping Cart screen when you click Buy. List of supported Flash devices. On Wed, 14 Maywallman16 wrote: This allows the programmef to automatically program the next board without the operator having to press the program button.