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That would “break” our compile and install of the wacom. I don’t think I see an eraser but it is hard to tell in the pictures and the details of the stylus aren’t listed. In this day and age, even art is digital, so why not expand your creative abilities with a graphics tablet? There is apparently something wrong with the Xorg. Your voucher code will be sent within 24 hours after purchase, along with details of how to redeem. You will see your Shopping Basket update in the top of the right hand column, and you should now click on the view basket link indicated by the black arrow, if you have completed shopping. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

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I don’t know if linux-input feeds into that.

I’ve read around that this should work out of the box on natty but this isn’t the case for me. Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater Worth: Rablet watch out for that.


So I assume it was recently released by Wacom. Maybe I’m not looking at input-wacom I’d love to try myself: It is likely I’ll be the one adding support for your model. There are two drivers involved.

Product support

May 13th, 3. I’m not worried about messing up Natty.

It seems like we’re halfway there. Is there an eraser on the back of the stylus opposite the stylus tip? They’re on kenrel 2.

[ubuntu] Wacom Bamboo Pen CTE Not working [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I really hate the thought you have to downgrade. The xinput list looks good. The line for your model should be a little lower. Back in Maverick could you attach your Xorg. By touch you mean using your fingers directly right? Member log in Email: Well I’ll try it anyways. Although the updates probably won’t affect the Wacom X driver I’d rather you did in case there is a kernel update in there. Do you know if it is a new model that just came out?


Alright, a Bamboo One small a is working using the above instructions! My guess is the problem lies with xfinput-wacom.

[ubuntu] Wacom Bamboo Pen CTE Not working

Here is the output of lsusb: That way the modified module is automatically compiled for a new kernel, rather than requiring you to manually do it. Been on my to do list. Input-wacom should work for either Lucid or Maverick. Alright, I am not seeing that model in the code.

Close Not a Member? I couldn’t find it anywhere. Been on my to do list.

The xfinput-wacom X driver isn’t a problem. In our case wacom.