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Whether they will include DDR support is not yet known, but it is expected. Zme , Apr 10, Somebody can help me here too your welcome thnx all. That may not sound like much when compared with the latest X XT graphics cards, but when compared against competing integrated graphics that offer lackluster performance at best, it is not that bad. Similar Threads – Intel Mobile Processor. Meaker Sager Dec 22,

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We’ll just have to wait and see. More importantly their cache is 2M, mucn better that some of the cache processors.

It’s already listed under where the socket is the same as far as I know. Whether they will include DDR support is not yet known, but it is expected. With the push for native PCI Express graphics cards, the first company to offer such chips stands to gain some early sales. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. As for the new graphics core that comes with it, we know little. While we do not know for sure what “Kaleidoscope” is, ATI’s comments about multiple VPU support may indicate that it has something to do with that technology.

For gaming, I think multiple monitors is currently in the exotic computing realm, but businesses might find it useful. Even then FSB isn’t always a guarantee for upgrading.


Ati Rc Chipset Driver – movie-ec

On the Intel side of things, ATI may also have something to offer in the way of overclocking support. We could hope for something more, like the X core, but with a transistor count of around million that does not seem likely. Let’s start with the Intel chipsets. Do rcc400 already have an account?

Especially for HDTV connections, component output is desirable. Share This Page Tweet.

Announcing RS690 and Kaleidoscope IGP; Expanding the ATI Core Logic Sector

The end result is that component video provides a higher quality signal atii composite video and somewhat better quality than S-Video. Take a CPU-Z screenshot of your chipset. ZmeApr 10, Early on, we had heard that the SB chipset would support both the high-end Azalia 8-channel audio and the older AC ’97 audio.

You would be better off saving for a new notebook. Whether the performance will vary is not yet known. With a launch date of Q1 ’06 and with the RV going into the current IGP parts, the likely candidate for the 6×0 parts would be some variant of the X Component tc400 takes this one step further by separating the color channel into Pr and Pb cables.

Similar Threads – Rrc400 Mobile Processor. R400 you look at the past roadmaps from ATI, you will also notice that information on any non-UMA chipsets has disappeared. The reason for this is now clear: No, create an account now. Composite video combines all the signals onto one cable, while S-Video separates the data into two channels: Yes, my password is: Remember that the next version of Windows, codenamed Longhorn, will require DX9 graphics support, so these ATI solutions will meet this requirement.


Moving on to the AMD side of things, we see a rc400 picture. Xpress Overview it said full support intel techno and feature, bottom line is the topic said about intel Hyperthread supporting but whole ive check at wiki none aati c2d or c quad have any HT features i just need a cooler procie upgrading and more power muscle for a few aplication i work on becuz this fan heatsink system sensor just detect internal temperature room inside itinside cashing the manual book said.

Intel Mobile Processor Compatibility Guide

Performance of an integrated graphics solution will suffer on the single-channel solution, of course, but for most businesses it really does not matter. Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades. This actually makes a lot of sense, as adding high-end audio support for solutions that are likely to end up in businesses is not necessary.