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Even better value then I guess. Combination of all six facets. Not a single new CPU in ten and a half months. Differences What are the advantages of each. Benchmark performance using all cores.

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Individual core benchmark performance. The new Sempron also features all of the enhancements that made it into the 90nm Athlon 64 processors – mainly SSE3 support and some enhancements to the memory controller.

Intel’s Celeron D was merely a clock bump to the Celeron D that we reviewed last June, bringing Intel’s fastest Celeron up to 3. Combination of all six facets.

Were we too tied up in the higher end desktop processors and the dual core migration to pay se,pron to AMD’s brand new budget line? A bit architecture allows more RAM to be installed and accessed by the processor. And we thought the mainstream CPU race had slowed down. GeekBench bit Data courtesy Primate Labs.

AMD Sempron 3300+

Log in Don’t have an account? Even better value then I guess. In the end, while AMD’s K8 architecture is less dependent on large caches, it is still not impervious to the impact that a small one can have.


We stopped feeling so bad.

AMD Sempron + / 2 GHz processor Overview – CNET

Review Differences Benchmarks Specifications Comments. Had we missed other Sempron reviews since its launch? At the same time, halving the cache while moving to a smaller process ensures that AMD can enjoy larger profit margins on these new Sempron CPUs.

Are you paying a premium for performance? Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. With an on-die memory controller, the Socket Semprons can get away with having relatively small L2 caches, since their main memory access latencies are very low to begin with. Benchmark performance using all cores. Not a single new CPU in ten and a half months. Intel Core2 Duo E 2.

Reasons sejpron consider the Intel Core2 Duo E Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Intel was slightly better, but not by much.

List of AMD Sempron microprocessors

Integrated GPU performance for parallel computing. Core2 Duo E 0.

Intel Core2 Duo E Report a sempton. That being said, let’s see how it competes Fire Strike, CompuBench 1. Core2 Duo E 2. However, it’s during overclocking that this chip comes alive, hitting 3GHz, and not only cranking out performance numbers that would have been utterly unbelievable for a budget chip a year ago, but also coming painfully close to matching the likes of the premium-priced Core 2 Extreme X But with half of the L2 cache, the performance picture is bound to be much more interesting than just a regular clock bump.


Core2 Duo E 1.

After a moment’s panic, we calmed ourselves and realized something that had surprised us a bit – AMD hadn’t released a faster Socket Sempron since its launch in June Much better overclocked clock speed Air 3. So, it was time for an updated comparison, but luckily, the field hadn’t changed much – semrpon had it?