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Just bought it and it looks like it defaults to 2. Enter your username and password when prompted. The ethernet cable was on the floor running approximately 50 feet, unsecured, from the outlet to my desktop computer – a safety hazard in itself. If you need better range or speed, even if you have wifi already on your laptop this will dramatically increase both for you. Some hotels only have one ethernet cable for the internet.

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This laptop is, admittedly, about 7 years old- but it is my daily internet browsing machine, and it runs Windows 7 Pro bit.

I put it in the laptop, it dies at boot see above. We want to know if cheap is still good, and part of what I like to do is offer my experiences and perspectives on just that sort of thing.

No need to install drivers or set up any wireless management software that is included. The process requires one to print to the cloud service and then select the Epson printer app which will locate the service and then print to your printer using WiFi direct. I just moved to a comcast area and got a 60mbs modem. I am a iMac users and all the instructions I wofi after hours searching the internet are for PC.


Wireless Network Card for Laptop

I think it is also great for family users because it can connect up to 5 devices. The most important thing is that it offers 1GB initial global data for free to help to learn the usage before paying any fee thus you can use albacommp without any difficulty. It’s so easy to use, right out of the box I just plug it albacom; my windows 10 pc and within seconds it was recognized and connected. This printer performs as stated in the advertising.

I myself tend to not go the cheap or affordable rout with my home networking.

Portable WiFi Hotspot for Laptop:

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. On Linux Mint Very compact and not that hard to set up. This means my download speed is.

If one needs to print a web page then using cloud services is probably the best method. Even when connected, the connection would time out sporadically and interrupt my work or uploads I do a lot of high res photo notwbook so this was more than annoying.

How to Set up Wi-Fi on your Laptop

I put it in the laptop, it dies at boot see above. Wireless showed up and would connect but BT was nowhere to be found. My laptop’s wireless card is a piece of — well, you can guess. Learning to use other modes. Easy connection, easy info once I learned to use the built-in electronic screen and “Info”. Being able to use it like a laptop or tablet makes it great for my lifestyle.


Fully satisfied with this product. Just what the doctor ordered.

CLEVO Driver Download

My laptop’s wireless card is a piece of — well, you can guess. When your computer is on, it should automatically connect to the router [source: This Wifi adapter does the job. After doing this I kept getting make errors, but dug through the included documentation a bit and found that the driver was optimized for kernel I get about MBS connection speed according to ookla an internet speed testing site.


Since this card is I did some research eifi, since I had heard stories of laptop hardware that has only certain manufacturers whitelisted, and therefore will only work with specific hardware. Temporarily plug a network cable into your laptop and wireless router. I’m sure this is made in horrible Chinese factories and should feel Just turn it on, look for “airbox” wifi signal on another device, introduce the password which I think it cannot be changed and voila!