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Nov 10, Posts: Honestly, at this point, I’m not sure if I’m making progress or digging a deeper hole Feb 9, Posts: Sun Nov 29, 6: It’s not the hardware So is it the software? Also, connecting two affected PCs together still only connects at Mb.

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Mon Nov 30, Yes Advertised link modes: Gigabit cards only connecting at Mbps 15 posts.

The other computers still only connect at Mb. I unhook it from the rest of the network, and plug in my loopback cable, it connects at Mbps Now, for just over a week, 3 out of the 4 gigabit-ready PCs only establish a Mbps connection.

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Now, here’s where I think there may be some type of issue. Sorry about that, it’s been a LONG day Sorry if this all seems a bigabit long winded. Do you get link if you manually specify 1Gb?


System 2 exact same hardware as system 1: I have spent the past week browsing many forums, FAQs, and troubleshooters looking for a resolution to this problem, so ANY advise anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

Moving on to abulafia’s suggestion, I made a cross over cable and verified it by hooking up the ‘working’ PC to the switch. Oh, and yes, I rebooted each time in between.

Sun Nov 29, 9: Well, I’ll be off re-soldering a laptop, so thanks for all your suggestions and help everyone. What if you directly connect two of the computers to each other? The machine always connecting at 1. Mar 8, Posts: I agree, I’m starting to fear there’s a bigger issue with the laptop system 4 than just this What really confuses me is the 1 PC that is getting 1.

Sun Nov 29, 6: I booted up this PC, it connects at Mbps I’m still at a loss Now, before I get flamed Sun Nov 29, Again, hooking this same cable to the ‘good’ PC connects at 1.


Turns out someone managed to rip out pin 8 on the RJ gigbit plate No dice on ANY of these. Luckily I had an extra jack laying around and was able to iggabit it.

Usable NIC.4 for INtime

What I’ve already tried: I’ve reset the switch several times, and everything just re-establishes its connection at the same speeds mostly Mbps. Booted a live CD of Ubuntu 9. System 8101d completely different hardware, but still has an nVidia nForce chip set: